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Wayne Curtis


Here’s a Quick Overview of the Process of Selling Your Home: 

  • Invite Wayne to perform a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) of your home. He will visit and tour the house, then compare it to recent sales in your area. On the basis of current market conditions, you and he will arrive at what seems to be the current fair market value of your home. He will also let you know if there are minor cosmetic improvements you could make that might increase the eventual sales price.
  • Complete the listing agreement, based on the results of the CMA. The listing agreement is a contract between you and Long and Foster. It covers the length of time you will allow the house to be marketed, the commission to be paid, and many other legal points. Wayne will go through the agreement and answer all your questions.
  • The property will be added to the Multiple List, the database of properties for sale that is available to all Realtors in our area. Wayne will work out a comprehensive marketing plan specifically for your home, which may include advertising in various publications, specific dates for Open Houses, flyers, brochures, mailings, and much more.
  • When an offer to purchase is obtained, Wayne will present the contract to you, going through its various clauses and contingencies, and provide you with an estimate of your ‘bottom line.’ The choice of whether to accept the offer is completely yours.
  • Wayne will work with the other party to make sure that any inspections, testing, repair requests, appraisals, etc. protect your interests as much as possible. Our goal is a successful closing where each party feels it has been treated honestly and fairly!