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Wayne Curtis


FAQs About Selling

Buying or selling a home is complicated business. No FAQ list can possible cover everything you want to know — everything you need to know. If your question isn’t answered here, contact Wayne … he’ll be happy to answer it personally.

Why should I hire any Realtor to sell my home?
There are several reasons. Real estate transactions are the most complicated legal procedure in which most citizens will ever become involved. Realtors have access to the only forms and contracts that are written with the laws and customs of your community in mind. Only Realtors can place your property on our regional Multiple Listing Service, which is the best place to catch the attention of potential buyers. Realtors are specially trained to protect your interests in the transaction, and work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure that deadlines are met, services are performed and that the deal closes successfully.

Why should I hire Wayne and RE/MAX to sell my home?
First, no other brokerage offers the international reach and recognition of RE/MAX, including one of the most utilized home search websites in the world,! Second, Wayne lives and works in the city. He knows his sales area, and can develop a marketing plan specifically designed to give your property the best chance of selling quickly and for the best price. Third, this website is a very unique and powerful tool, where hundreds of people visit each month — and its available to no other Realtor in our area.

How do I get started?
Contact Wayne and ask him to perform a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) of your home. He will need to tour your home, and can then offer suggestions on what you might be able to do to maximize your sales price. He’ll also be able to give you up-to-date market information which will allow you and he to arrive at the current fair market value of your home with those improvements or repairs completed, and a history of how properties in your area have been selling, in what time frame, and at what price. If at that point you wish to proceed, Wayne will draw up a Listing Agreement where you formally hire him and RE/MAX Advantage to place your home on the market.

How does your service differ from those ‘cut-rate’ companies?
Greatly. First, we need to clear up just what those companies cost. They usually advertise only the fees that you pay to them to place your property on the Multiple Listing Service. In most cases, you will also be required to pledge a buyer’s agent commission to pay for the services of the real estate agent who sells the property. That ‘cut-rate’ company actually costs significantly more than they advertise. So if the difference between their services and ours is not as much as you thought, what does the difference buy you?

The answer is simple. It buys every other service that a Seller usually expects from a Realtor. It buys you advertising in local newspapers, magazines, and websites. It buys you expert help in evaluating market conditions and in setting the best list price for your home, as well as help identifying the conditions and contingencies of the sales contract, which these days can run easily to 40 pages. It buys you someone who can be your negotiator with the other party when disagreements arise, and who is your enforcer to make sure deadlines are met. It allows you to go to work while your representative is there when the home inspection, termite inspection, radon inspection and the lead paint inspection take place. Finally, that small difference pays for you to have representation at the settlement table — where discrepancies and disagreements often arise and need to be worked out.

If you end up paying to provide these services to the BUYER, shouldn’t you consider providing them for YOURSELF?