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Wayne Curtis


Staging Your Home for Sale

Selling your home will not be an easy process, but you've made the first step by hiring Wayne as your Realtor. it can become a smoother process through the art of staging. According to a study done by the Real Estate Staging Association, homes that were staged sold 78% more quickly than their "unstaged" competition. You don’t have to be an interior designer or have lots of disposable cash to quickly re-design and tidy up your home; it’s easier than you think.

The more quickly a home sells, generally, the better the selling price. So by investing a little time and money in staging, you could also sell it at a higher price, generate more showings to your home, and your home will be more effectively advertised online because you’ll have better photos that capture the appealing features of the house.

Getting Prepared

Staging Your Home For SaleTake a good look around your home and try to pretend that you’re a potential homebuyer visiting it for the first time. Take a note pad and write down all the things that new buyer might potentially find unattractive – whether that be a particular paint color, cleanliness, closets crammed full of "stuff," an outdated decor or repairs that have been delayed. These are the things you should focus on. Listen to the opinion of your real estate representative – Wayne has probably already been in the homes that will be your market competition. If there's time, ask Wayne to take you on a tour of the competition yourself, so you can see what homebuyers will have in their minds for comparison.

Cleaning and Touching Up

Major cleaning will have to be done to your home, even if you think it’s reasonably tidy. Every desk, countertop and end table will have to be cleared except for small decorative items such as vases. In particular, be sure that your kitchen, arguably one of the most important rooms in a home, looks immaculate. Clutter will just do more harm, so make sure things are tidy and any unnecessary items are put away.

If you have pets, make sure any odor or lingering scent of them are removed. De-personalize by removing personal items, including extra photos and religious items, so the homebuyer doesn’t feel like they are just viewing some stranger’s home. Allow them to pretend, for their visit, that this might be their home and their lives in the future!

You may have more furniture than a group of three or four people could easily maneuver around in the rooms. Open up space in bedrooms, living rooms and even the garage. This way, potential homebuyers can visualize their things in those spaces – exactly what you want them to picture. Making space in the kitchen, living room, bed room, bathroom and laundry room are priority.

Not only do you have to worry about the inside, but take a long and slow walk around the exterior of your house and clean up on the outside. You may even have to plant some flowers and do landscaping to make the exterior look better.

Any damage to your house, no matter how small it is, will be noticeable to the viewer. It is probably a good idea to repair all damages inside and outside your home because you don’t want to deter any potential buyers during an open house.

Refreshing the look of your home will only increase the chance of a sale. You may have to put in bit of money to do this,  but overall, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. Instead of sleeping in on a Sunday afternoon, get up early and start staging your home – you will see the results in dollar signs at settlement!