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Wayne Curtis


How Wayne Helps Sellers

CURTIS, WAYNE/WEBIMAGES: citisign.jpgPutting your home on the market is never an easy decision, its usually caused by a life changing set of circumstances: either its too small because of a new arrival, too big because of some long anticipated departure, or perhaps a job change has made relocation necessary. And life changing circumstances bring stress. 

Wayne will do everything possible to relieve the stress of the move, advising on ways to sell the house, changes that can be made to make selling more swift, what the current market value of the property is, what the target buyer is looking for, and much more. Since 1998, Wayne has sold nearly $35 million in Central Maryland real estate... in Baltimore City and County, Howard County and Anne Arundel County.

Get in contact with Wayne today and set up an appointment. Let him show you how hiring a pro can relieve your stress!

Moving Away from the Central Maryland Area?

RE/MAX International currently has more than 85 regions in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. There’s no better network of agents in the world through which to arrange and execute your relocation. In the United States, RE/MAX is represented in every state in the Union. Ask Wayne to find a RE/MAX Pro to work with you where you will re-settle. Nobody sells more real estate, worldwide, than RE/MAX!